About Us

Wave Business TV and Audio offer a friendly, approachable service and we are happy to fit in wherever you need us to support your production.

We understand the corporate world, especially Internal Communications and Investor Relations, and make sure that your business programme is produced in the most effective way possible with the minimum fuss.

Corporate media production agency, Wave Business TV, was formed by broadcaster Graham Bannerman to bring high-quality audio production values into the business world using cassettes and CDs, but that was back in the 90s!

In more recent years Wave has been producing broadcast-quality video programming for websites and special events – live or recorded – for Internal Communications, Investor Relations and Training.

Think about listening to the Radio or watching TV, it’s a highly intimate experience where attention is usually guaranteed, providing the content is compelling. This can also be achieved with an embedded web video, webcast or podcast.

Staff or Customers that subscribe or click to view video on your website have made a positive decision to be part of your world and that commitment needs to be rewarded by creating great content. Wave are trusted to deliver video and audio by the CAA, Ford Motor Company, AstraZeneca, Magnox and Barings amongst others!

Listeners and viewers are very quick to dismiss something that they perceive as unprofessional, so we make sure your brand looks and sounds great whilst still living within a budget.

Meet the Team

Graham Bannerman
Company Founder

Graham is the Company Founder, and has spent his entire life working in broadcasting.

In the past, he has worked for Radio One, BBC World Service, and ITV.

For over a decade he was one of the country’s most familiar voices through his work for the ITV network.

Now Graham leads the teams that we put in place to deliver great video content for our clients.

Jacky Bannerman
Business Director

After a decade of working for the BBC in London, Jacky’s organisational skills are second to none.

Her talent for keeping a project moving ahead on time and in budget ensures that our client’s TV and Audio programmes work effectively.

Our Freelancers

We have a highly talented team of Camera Ops, Editors, Technical Managers, Presenters, Voices and Location Producers.

Including Simon, Tim, David, Ben and Richard to name but a few!

UK Based Production Agency

Wave takes the time to understand your company, your brief, and key deliverables…

If you need any kind of production support here in the UK, please get in touch. We are based in and around London and can provide any service from a simple two person interview crew to a full multi camera live webcast – and all points between!

We are not a kit hire company but we are a production company so can easily pull together and oversee anything you need filming here in the UK.

Wave takes the time to understand your company, your brief and key deliverables, like having your own crew but without the expense and hassle of flying equipment and people around the world.

Why Us?


We’ve probably been there and done it and if we haven’t we know someone who has!

Broadcast Experience

The web is the biggest transmitter of information – so make sure you get it right! Editorially sound – your reputation is in good hands.

Small Business

More agile and cost effective. You’re also guaranteed a personalised service every time.

Free Coaching

We’ll make sure your team look and sound the very best they can as part of our standard service.

Talented Team

We are proud of our talented, regular team who fit in brilliantly with our clients and have the right attitude… always.

Low Fuss

We pride ourselves on being as low fuss and low maintenance as possible – so less hassle for you!

Make It Easy

Here at Wave we love to make really great videos in the least stressful way possible… simple!

Sometimes people in the media business like to make the process of producing great video content as complicated as they possibly can. That often means budgets go crazy – as do stress levels!

Keep in mind ‘the thing’…what is it you need this video to say? Then, having decided what should be front and centre, make sure you don’t hide it amongst other stuff.

One subject videos work really well, especially when you think about the competition for eyes and ears out there. Ideally you want someone to click on your video and get the information they need fast.

Production can be easy as well – build around an interview…hunt supporting shots…then edit with great digital assets and job done.

The good thing about keeping it simple is that you can do more videos and keep your audience engaged.

Your Brand is a Broadcaster

A friend of mine threw something into a conversation the other day that really made me think. He said all brands are their own broadcasters now.

He’s absolutely right, it doesn’t matter how big or small your organisation is, everything you put online as text, video or audio is a great opportunity to reinforce messages or indeed steer the debate to new areas.

And it’s all about the content, where’s the ‘gold nugget’ in your story? It could be results, a breakthrough in research or aligning your brand with current news. The principles are just the same as if you were running a major broadcast outlet – the biggies – Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why?!

There are many brands already doing this kind of thing, F1 and Football clubs spring to mind.

Key to all this, make the content credible, correct and above all interesting!
Choosing the right media at the right time is also important, you could go down the video route, podcasting or a combination.

So if you’ve got news get it out there, low fuss, low cost and make it regular so your viewers, readers and listeners feel valued.