Your Brand is a Broadcaster – Graham Bannerman

A friend of mine threw something into a conversation the other day that really made me think. He said all brands are their own broadcasters now.

He’s absolutely right, it doesn’t matter how big or small your organisation is, everything you put online as text, video, or audio is a great opportunity to reinforce messages or indeed steer the debate to new areas.

And it’s all about the content, where’s the ‘gold nugget’ in your story? It could be results, a breakthrough in research or aligning your brand with current news.

The principles are just the same as if you were running a major broadcast outlet – the biggies – Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why?!

There are many brands already doing this kind of thing, F1 and Football clubs spring to mind.

Key to all this, make the content credible, correct and above all interesting!

Choosing the right media at the right time is also important, you could go down the video route, podcasting or a combination.

So if you’ve got news get it out there, low fuss, low cost and make it regular so your viewers, readers and listeners feel valued.